The Beauty Tool Everyone is Talking About

What is it about jade rollers that have every beauty fanatic in a rave? Maybe it’s the way you look when you roll it on your face or how it’s supposed to diminish fine lines and dark circles or it could just be used as a prop in every beauty lovers Instagram photo. Who knows, but I did some digging and the spending of my tip money ($40 later) and what I found, could possibly change your mind about this little gemstone.


As beautiful as it is to look at, jade is used for both physical and spiritual healing. Associated with crystal healing, jade is amazing for balancing your chakra and soothing your energy. According to traditional Chinese medicine, many people experience a relief of anxiety and irritability when used every day through skincare (aka the roller) or worn as jewellery.


Known as the stone of eternal youth, jade is one of the go-to gemstones for facials. I thought it was just a gimmick and used only to look boujee in the morning, but you can actually see many physical benefits from jade rolling. De-puffing, brighter complexion, and increased blood circulation are all things I have experienced since jade rolling a few months ago.

By moving the stone across your face you will reap in all the benefits of spiritual and physical healing. And even better, jade helps your products to penetrate into the skin even more so you get every single benefit from that $100 serum your bank account hated you for.


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