Mejuri: The Epitome Of Fine Jewellery

Mejuri, a breath of fresh air proved so beautiful, I felt they needed more than an Instagram post dedicated to their flourishing collections. Imbued with vitality, Mejuri is revitalizing the jewellery industry and has, unsurprisingly, become apart of my everyday life. It’s the epitome of fine jewellery without the inevitable markup and I have been collecting my own pieces since discovering the brand months ago.


Classic and dainty, these hoops are the earrings I like to show off when I wear my hair in a ballerina bun.


The idol earrings are what they’re named. I wear my Idols on a night when I drink wine and wear red lipstick.


Inspired by tarot cards, the moon necklace is what I wear when I feel creative. (Draped around my neck as I write this)


Delicate and sweet, the honey necklace is mine and now YOUR new everyday necklace.

ALL except the Pearl Hoops were gifted

all images © Mejuri

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