Date Worthy Fragrances

There is something about vanity worthy fragrances that make you feel like a 1950s French woman when you spritz them on in slow motion (cue vintage Tumblr photo). All jokes aside, we all search for that one perfume that we get excited to put on before going out, especially if you are going on one of those infamous tinder dates. Between Miss Dior, classic Daisy, and effortless Nomade, these three fragrances are the ones you want to choose from when you decide that your date is actually not a weirdo and you kind of want your perfume to linger on his bed a little longer. Is that just me? I may have got a boyfriend that way.


First up, Miss Dior. She’s bright, colourful, and absolutely blooming… too cliche? I think not! With red berry, blooming grasse and damascus roses, Miss Dior becomes joyful and striking. Perfect for an evening of cocktails and a sexy dress.


Now, classic Daisy. What would we do without? White violets, velvety jasmine, and dreamy sandalwood are what makes her light and fresh yet so romantic and sensual. Daisy is what you want to wear on that Saturday afternoon date.


Last, but certainly not least. Nomade is so fresh and sweet, but so intoxicating and warm at the same time. The character of Oakmoss, fresh freesia, and sweet plums make this fragrance perfect for a romantic walk on the beach… if you’re into that cheesy thing.

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