Tested: Boost Your Glow With Dior

Forget highlighter, summertime is the time we all want to be makeup free. And I don’t know about you, but I will do anything to get the lit-from-within look, even if it means testing out a $100 serum. Fast-forward to one month later and a quarter of Dior’s Glow Booster gone, I now have a REAL glow and I am pleasantly surprised.

I always thought luxury products were kind of a gimmick because it feels like you are just paying for the name, but not with this one. I have tested my fair share of glow-boosting products and I have finally got my hands on a serum that actually does what it says. Brightening, evening, and smoothing – the three things I desire for my skin and I’m finally noticing a difference.


After cleansing, massage a few drops into your hands and then pat onto the skin. Wait for it to absorb (it does quickly) and then finish off with your favourite moisturizer. You’ll notice a dewy sheen when you first apply and voilà! in the morning your skin looks like you just got a facial. Continuously use it and those acne marks, redness, and uneven texture will be gone.



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