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First things first, wear SPF. We already read enough about the damaging effects of the sun and how bad it is to get a sunburn. Sunspots, dry skin/hair, and a painfully red face, it will happen to the best of us. And we’re here to give you the low down on some after sun essentials to keep your skin, hair, and body hydrated and healthy after a day in the sun.


Okay, to start we all know that feeling we have on ourselves after we leave the beach (sandy and sticky), so ultimately the first thing we want to do is take a shower. If you are looking to even out your skin tone and prevent discolouration, one of the best things to do in the shower is to mix Bio Oil with your favourite body wash. Bio Oil is a combination of plant extracts and vitamins that do wonders for hydrating your skin and evening out those little sunspots that might pop up. It’s amazing for acne scarring too.


For those who aren’t blessed with perfect silky hair and need something a little more conditioning than your daily conditioner, a hair mask is definitely needed after a day in the sun and ocean. The Regenerating Hair Mask by Sisley does not only smell like Jesus blessed it, but it literally regenerates your hair. From root to end the mask coats your hair with four botanical oils that help to smooth and revitalize as well as thicken and lengthen your hair over time.


Probably everyone’s least favourite step after the shower is moisturizing. You already feel irritated enough from the 3rd-degree burn you got today and the last thing you want to do is rub cream all over yourself. But it has to be done if you don’t want to get peel-y. The aftersun cream that works the best at cooling your skin is Avène’s After-Sun Repair Creamy Gel. It helps to soothe, calm, and cool your skin so you can actually sleep on your back without that scratchy feeling. While you wait for the repair lotion to do its magic, pop on an aloe sheet mask. It’s hydrating and cooling and the aloe will help calm down the redness around your sunglasses tan.


The cherries on top of the aftersun care routine are two face mists that set, refresh, and do just about anything you want. Mario Badescu’s aloe cooling mist is infused with aloe, cucumber, and green tea which hydrates and calms redness, while Avene’s Thermale Spring Water soothes and cools the skin. Both are amazing to finish off your skincare routine and lock in your makeup, they basically do it all for under $20.


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